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[translations] 100714 Daily Sports (Eito's new single) + more XDb

A couple of older and not so old translations~ ^^
1005 Betsufure - Eito (tsushin report)
100618 Chunichi - Crossdressing Eito
100623 Nikkan Sports - TOKIO's 24h TV (Eito complains to TOKIO)
1004 Takatsuki Walker - Hina
100623 Eito - Wonderful World!! PV filming report [vol.1]
100701 Daily Sports - Hina's comments on the World Cup
1008 WU - Dengongban (Maru/Tatsu/Hina)
1008 Potato - Eito no Anone: Baru x Hina
and fresh out of the oven so to say: 100714 Daily Sports - Eito's new single

...and I recently got into contact with a lovely who'll get me hina's jwebs!
she prefers to stay anon, but i'll be posting his stuff while I keep getting them ^^ .
100513~100624 + 100701 + 100708 8Db
Tags: j-web, translation: magazine, translation: other

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