gwendy_ast (gwendy_ast) wrote in kanjani8,

Club8 Opens 7/19

Yes, another Club8 thread. But, it seems the Club8 site will open on 7/19.

Under the cut for more info.

When you hover over the door, it says "Entrance to Club∞"

Information on the new single, discussing Prologue of Patch when you hover over the graffiti.

And info about the site finally opening when you hover over the utility door on the left.

Sorry for flooding the comm with fairly useless info, but I figured that those that don't know Japanese and have been waiting for something on Club8 would like to know. Click on the pic to enlarge for translations! I can't wait until Monday! Hopefully we'll have some idea what Club8/Prologue of Patch is all about!

Also an awesome gallery of what the site's looked like since it first popped up! Courtesy of moka_n_waffles at her LJ.

Club8 site:
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