21 July 2010 @ 02:00 am
J-web Eito Rangers Ohkura Tadayoshi. Nishiyan 1~3.  
I'm not an experienced translator, and these are translated from Chinese instead of Japanese, so there are probably plenty of errors. I also don't know if people translated these already before, but I thought I'd share anyway? If these are duplicates, just point them out and I'd delete this :)

( J-web Eito Rangers Ohkura Tadayoshi 2010.07.01: Ryo-chan )
( J-web Eito Rangers Ohkura Tadayoshi 2010.07.08: Ryo-chan 2 )
( J-web Eito Rangers Ohkura Tadayoshi 2010.07.16: Nishiyan 3 )

And aside from those, I have a few translated snippets that probably have been translated before (I've seen them around, definitely). Question 8 for Maru in April's AneCan, and everyone's treasures in July's POPOLO. Mostly, though, these consists my rants about people's opinions on Kanjani8, and I kind of do want to know what you people think. Just...remember that I'm not trying to flame anyone, so if this causes any sort of conflict, I'd lock the post. Anyway, link HERE.