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[Fanfic] In Love Without a Name 1/?

Title: In Love without a Name
Pairing: Sousuke x Jun [ryohkura]
Genre: Angst, fluff, romance, drama
Rating: M, and to go up.
Notes & Warnings: Always posted on my fic journal, fuyunogekkouka . X-posted. Self-beta-ed, mostly at 5am. Rape in this chapter [will be on later ones too], DV
Summary: Throw in a schoolboy thought to love the girl he considers his best friend, a crash on an older man, an employee of Child Welfare Department, and you already have the story of Jun's and Sousuke's love. A great relationship, yes, until Jun realizes the man he loves and works for the rights of abused children, is a victim to the same power he fights off in his work. And Jun is the victim of his love that tries to fight that power.

chap. 1 torn in two because LJ can't take my long chapters XD

part 1, part 2

comment if reading~<3
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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