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[FANVID] Countdown & PoP

Mina-san! Happy Eito Day !!hehehehe  In celebration, I've made a fanvid~ And because I LOVE making fanvids I decided to have a little contest!  I'd thought we'd have some fun~ :DD Follow to info and video~ heart1

For the competition I ask you answer these two questions
1. How many times can you see Shin-chan? (Note: I'm not including the times you see all seven of them on stage)
2. How many poker chips are there?

The first person to give me the correct answers will be the winner!
And for the winner, I'll make them their own video! You may request any song, and request who the video will be about. It could be Eito as a whole, a specific member, or even a pair, whatever you wish!

And as usual I've provided a link for download, so please comment if you're taking~ Thank youuu!


I hope you all have a great Eito Day!
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