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hello minna-san!

Hi! I'm bummie_face! I'm actually not new at all (b/c I stalked this site) to this scene, but I never really introduced myself. I've been a JE fan for... a long time now (what, 3+ years?) and Kanjani8 happens to be like, my favourite (right now anyway, but I love JE in general)

I just have to say that uchiryo love is like ♥
and kanjani8 is like PWNAGE all by itself. ^^

So... from all of this...
I have a SLIGHT request...

-- does anyone know what this is from? (is it from a honjani episode?)
Could you be so kind as to upload (if not the whole show then) this clip for me?

thanks in advance btw. ^^

oh, and yoroshiku ne! =D

x-posted everywhere! (gomen!)
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