Scribe (mephistophylis) wrote in kanjani8,

J.E. Fan!tasies

Hello all. I'm here to let everyone know about a cafe-press shop I've opened called J.E. Fan!tasies, featuring J.E. stuff that you just can't find anywhere in america. I've made the Ya-Ya-yah raglan tees that they currently wear in the show (although Cafepress only offers the raglans in black, red, and blue, so I could only do Hikaru and Yabu's.)

I've also made a section of CARSHRIMP goods for everyone who loves Bakanishi's beautiful Jingrish. Now you can have your own shirt, tote-bag, sticker, button, and even an apron emblazoned with Jin's immortal word: CARSHRIMP, including a cute little logo design.

I'll be working on more J.E. themed merchandice soon, and any suggestions are welcome!

Happy shopping!

Click here to go to J.E. Fan!tasies


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