Felice Domneys (fma245) wrote in kanjani8,
Felice Domneys

Life PV preview

Tags: promo

  • Ryo’s Hitsuji No Ki Screening Report

    Roppongi Hills February 13 He was gifted with 80 kg of premium rice from his cast and crew and his first reaction was “it wont explode, wont…

  • Advertisement!!! Dero airing in Indonesia

    Dero airing at MNC TV every Friday at 4pm (wib) It was shoking me!!! And i scream watch first episode,i scream everytime i saw Hinaa's and…

  • Eito Fan-Vid ~~

    First of all, hello fellow Kanjani-Fans, hope you're all doing fine! ☀ I wanted to announce that I decided to start an " I ♥…

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