Chey (miss_jelly) wrote in kanjani8,

The chosen day has come and gone, already, in Japan, and Club8 is now open.

*edit* When you first open the doors to club8, the message displayed is asking for you to choose a nickname to go by in the club.

These are the ones I've seen, so far.

Plus another that just said 'Aah, Arsenal?'

a new look to the page

and the club

No new messages, yet.

The number has dropped to 17, a countdown?

Shadow man has moved, only the greeting message has slightly changed.

as of midnight in Japan, the number has dropped to 16

new shadow man looks like Hina, to me
with something to say about Mac

And Johnny

There also seems to be a new button at the top when you enter the club: It lets you review past messages about the other members.

There is a new icon at the top right corner where you can view mac and johnny's messages.
Heeeere's Johnny! I'm lame, I know

He talks about Ace

and Toppo

There's also new graffiti, outside, for the tour.

New Shadow man, looks like Gum, to me. It seems like we'll get to hear about the same characters from different people in the group, since he talks about Toppo

and Johnny

we haven't heard bout Gum yet, have we?

This time, there is a new icon in the top left corner when you enter the club

pressing it takes you here

where there is information about this 'Premier Event'. Seems like the sign up for the event will take place from Sept 7- Sept 9 and the event itself will happen on the 12th of this month. Other details are either lost on me or are unknown.

This time it seems like we have Ace to guide us. He talks about Arsenal

and Gum

I will update this post when new things arise ;Dv
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