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Club8 Master Post!

Hello Eighters!

This post is meant to introduce our brand spanking new Club8 tag (thanks to the people who requested it!) We're also working on producing a master list of all of the information we've gathered so far on Club8 so we can keep things in order. Here is everything our community has gathered so far!

Club8 Rules: here

Member Introductions:

Jacky: here

Toppo: here

Mac: here

Johnny: here

Gum: here

Arsenal: here

Ace: here

Club Rules and Member Introductions translations in one post: here

Club8's Opening!

Screencaps of Club8's opening/countdown/member descriptions: 1 | 2 | 3 Thanks colors_of_joy!

Translations of Jacky/Arsenal messages: here

Domain information about Club8 website: here

Prologue of Pacchi tie-ins to Club8:

The end lines of the Prologue a tie-in to Shakespear??: here Thanks shiro_renja!

Hints in Prologue of Pacchi tying into Club8: here Thanks colors_of_joy!

UPDATE: Club8 Event!

1 Thanks shiro_renja! | 2

Application Tutorial: here

If you have information that hasn't been added to this master post yet feel free to mention them in the comments! This post will be accessible by clicking the "club8" tag or by clicking on the link on the sidebar. Can't wait to see what Club8 holds in store for us!!

Also-please look forward to an upcoming layout/userinfo profile contest in the near future!


- kipani_mariko and nira_chan :)
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