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Yoko's hairstyle & Bicycle Drama

On the most recent "behind-the-scenes" entry on the Suka-J site, they said that Yoko has cut his hair EXTREMELY short... maybe like Koki's??? I don't know how you say スポーツ刈り in English, but it's like cropped hair?? I heard it's black, too. He said it's for the job he has in two weeks or so. I wonder how it looks! [Edit] I heard Yoko's gonna be in Ninomiya's drama, and he's acting as a 19-year old guy learning to become a (I forgot). I guess that's why!

Since Suka-J and Yasu/Maru's Bicycle drama is on the same channel, they always have updates and promos. On the same entry as the Yoko's new hairstyle episode, they mentioned how they went to watch the special premiere of the drama. They said that writers from all around the country came to watch it and actually applauded at the end! They say that's a very rare occasion!

According to the Suka-J staff, the drama is so good because there aren't any super heroes that succeed in the end or characters that are very sick or big mysteries to be solved etc., you know, those typical plot lines. It gets to your heart because the story's so down-to-earth and it can happen anywhere. Yasu and Maru's natural acting and their real friendship created a heart-warming atmosphere, too.

Also, at the press conference following the premiere, Maru was super nervous and Yasu looked more reliable, they said. Everytime someone asked them a question, all four of them (Yasu, Maru and the two girls) stood up and said "Thank you very much!" Haha, they say that this is a rare thing, too.

Here are some things from the press conference (all from the same Suka-J site entry):

Q. What was the toughest scene to shoot?
Yasu: The bicycle goes at a speed of 30km/hr on normal ground, but when I had to go down hill, it went up to 100km/hr!! It was scary going down the hill because there was a small camera attached to my bicycle to shoot my face, but it was about to fall off and I had to adjust my angle and all that.
Maru: I don't smoke but my character had to in the drama so I tried... it was a red Marbolo (I guess it's a strong kind? I don't know, I don't smoke either) and that was very tough.

Q. In the drama, both of you like the same girl but one of you takes a step back... will you do that in real life, too?
Both: NO, we will NOT let the other guy take her!!!! (laughs)

Q. Did you find out something new about each other?
Yasu: Well, (since we've been friends for so long) we have perfect timing. When it seems that the other needs his time alone, he lets him have it. 
Maru: I realized once again that Yasu is an amazing person. His ability to concentrate is unbelievable!!

Can't wait for 11/23!!! :-)

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