amnesiacxxx (amnesiacxxx) wrote in kanjani8,

Ryo is real life too...

Hey everyone! First time posting here so I'm a bit nervous but I though this should be shared (hope you won't find this unrelated..I is about Ryo..but still)
Well long story short; me, shotax2  and pleiadess  went to Japan recently and on our second week we got (or managed?) to see Ryo and Jin! The whole thing is quite surreal and we still can't believe it either but something this epic should be shared with none other than you; fangirls/boys (since my mom can't really understand how hot Ryo is... lucky for shotax2 and pleiadess their mom does...)!
You can find the whole story in my journal;
Oh and if there are any Koyama fans here, there is also the story of us, embarassing ourselves in front of Koyama's mom;
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