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For Love of The Game


My first time to post on K8!! I love K8! This is a little something that came to my mind when I saw this pic!

Title: For Love of The Game
Author: ME!
Rating: I don't know, not G, that's a given with me...
Pairings: ...guess! it's a little about some KokixSubaru... a lot...
Disclaimer: If I owned Koki and or Subaru, I would have no time to write, my time would be better employed!
Summary: Nothing is working out for Baru-kun, and to Koki, it's just a game!

*Damn* He sighed to himself. He watched Koki walk away yet again.

"I'll call you next week, Ru-chan." Koki smiled. Baru nodded, a fake smile on his face. The door closed. Baru sat up, resting his elbows on his knees. This was not turning out right... Koki was supposed to love him like he loved Koki. But no... it was just a game to Koki. Something that started as need, turned into want, and now was full scale love on Baru's part. But no, they were just fuck buddies, right? Once a week, just to bang and get off, get rid of the weeks emotions and relax in the arms of a friend... right? Just a time to let it all out.

Let it all out. That's what Subaru had to do. He had to tell Koki, because he could not go on this way much longer. Sure they had started because of some magazine pairing them together, but after that night, he realized he really did like Koki. A lot.

No. He couldn't lose Koki. And Koki was not one to mess with, Baru knew that. If he told Koki, it would all be gone. Koki would hate him.

He decided never to tell Koki, and let it go on in this way.


Koki walked out of the room. His face fell as he leaned against the door. Why? Why did it get better every time? Why did he leave wanting more of his friend's kisses and touches? On top of that, why did Baru not look pleased? He forced himself to leave the apartment.

*This can't go on, Koki...get a grip!" He was warring with himself inside. He froze on the sidewalk. He was in love. But he couldn't be. Love was for people like Jin and Kame and Junno and Ueda, not for Koki. It was just a game. It started as a dare. Then became an interest. Then a habit. Then a must. Then a want. Now it was desire. Once a week. That was not enough. He wanted Baru every night. But Baru didn't want him, his face the last few times they had gotten together had told him that. He was always so fake in his expressions.

No. He could not lose Baru. If he told Baru, he would leave, for sure. Baru would hate him.

He decided not to tell Baru, and let things continue as they were.

?! WTH am I thinking?! What do you think?!
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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