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Details about "Shibutani Subaru no Subaraji"

The show has its (minimalist XD) page, with a few details about the show's contents:

◆ Titre: Kanjani∞ Shibutani Subaru no Subaraji
◆ Broadcasting: every Saturday 00:00~00:30
◆ Personality: Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani∞)

A new program is making Saturday nights bustling, "Kanjani∞ Shibutani Subaru no Subaraji"! From a corner where is introduced under various forms the music that Shibutani Subaru loves, to a fully-loaded and quite absurdly challenging owarai corner! It delivers a fairly free content! Furthermore, because there will also be corners that won't be approved if you listeners are not here, please actively access to the program! Don't forget to listen to it!

If we introduce your favorite groups by sending emails to the show, Subaru might talk about them XD
Tags: radio shows

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