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8Uppers Feature Music Film Showing - Report

Today was the 8Uppers special limited showing at Toho cinemas!

I applied to the lottery for the two showtimes at the two places closest to me and got a ticket! Well actually, it was the chance to buy a ticket, I still had to pay for it. But it was only 800 yen (get it, 8?) which is half the price of a regular movie ticket.

The theatre was across town, and the showtime was 9:40 in the morning, so I guess I was too nervous, cause I got there an hour early. I showed my text-message and ID at the ticket counter, and after the lady stared at both of those and at my face for about 30 seconds each, I paid for and received my ticket. Then I killed time for 40 minutes texting on my cell phone while people around me talked about me. As in, "Look at that foreigner, she's so tall! She can't be going to see Kanjani, right? She's totally here to see Tom Cruise." ...Like I would go across town at 8 in the morning to see a Tom Cruise movie by myself. U__U;;;;;

The started seating 10 minutes before showtime, and by then, the lobby was packed with young women and the ticket counter line was snaked a dozen times down to the elevators with no end in sight. (Glad I got there an hour early and skipped all that.)

We filed in all orderly, but they had put the poster for the movie right in front of the theater entrance and evvvvveryone wanted a picture of it. So a big crowd formed, with girls zooming their camera phones in and out and taking photo after photo. The staff started to form a line behind me for photo-takers, but I'm 183cm tall so I held my camera out up high and took one quick and went in. As I went in, a group of gyaru cut around the whole line and jumped in at the front, and started taking photos. Besides how I strongly dislike gyaru, this pointed out that pretty much anyone going to see any other movie in the building could jump into this line and get in. You'd probably get found out when you were sitting in someone else's seat without a ticket, but... for as strict as they were at the ticket counter, they really didn't care at all once we got inside.

I had a nice aisle seat in the middle, and the two girls to my left were strangers but they bonded over having the same Yasuda cell phone straps. As the rest of the audience started to fill in, I realized this part of the Kanjani fans-population all generally looks alike. The average person there was: "Japanese, 18, little to no make-up, un-styled un-dyed un-permed hair, wearing casual ame-kaji clothes, and either with their mom or with a terrified deer-in-headlights look on their face."

The movie started 3 minutes late, presumably because everyone took photos as they went in. But then there were no previews and it started right into the movie titles. It turns out there were a lot of seats left open. At least there were when the lights went down. I would say 1/5 of the seats. But then a lot of girls did come in through the first five minutes - everyone stumbling around in the dark, totally incapable of finding their seats. (Maybe they were those tickets sold after the movie started? The ones left over when lottery people didn't show?) It did seem to be more of a full house when it was over.

I don't want to post movie spoilers, because if you ask me, you've probably seen too much online already, like I did. It was still really awesome though. Completely biased as a Kanjani fan of course, but I really really enjoyed it. Especially seeing them on something bigger than my computer and TV and more up-close than at a concert. The image quality was just incredible. I found myself grabbing my heart every time there was a close-up - which was like half the movie.

The girl next to me cried. Actually, a lot of girls were crying. I even teared up in one scene - but more so, I wanted to laugh at the funny parts and couldn't because the theater was DEAD SILENT. I know Japanese people tend to be really good and quiet at movies, but I thought this would be a little more like a concert, since we're all fans of this common group. Instead it was totally stiff and there were just a few giggles and maybe a gasp or two. But quite a lot of sniffling.
Anyway this is getting long and wasn't very interesting was it... --;;;;;;

If you have any questions - about the movie itself or anything at all - feel free to ask!

So very much looking forward to the album coming out on the 20th!! And all the great discussion/graphics/videos/gifs that will result!! :D
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