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[translations] 1011 Duet - Eito

1011 Duet - Eito

The best 3 Eito songs that give them energy? The best 3 Johnny's songs they'd recommend for a heartbreak? That they sing at karaoke? Ballads that make them cry? The best 3 songs that make you want to fall in love? ...and about 8UPPERS too of course ;)

and a bunch of other stuff:
100904 TVGuide - Muccha Sukiyanen (Yasu, LIFE)
100930 Hina's ProActiv CM (NEWS24/Nikkan/AsashiTVnews)
100911 TVGuide - Muccha Sukiyanen (Yoko, LIFE)
100918 TVGuide - Muccha Sukiyanen (Ryo, LIFE)
1010 Potato - Eito no Anone (Yasu X Hina)
100928 ROCK'A'TRENCH - Baby Baby (Yasu mention)
1011 WU - Dengonban
101015 tweets @w_television - 8UPPERS
100828 TV Guide - Muccha Sukiyanen (Baru, LIFE)
101016 tweets @w_television - 8UPPERS (+ 101016 Weekly The Television - Director comments)
101016 TV Guide official site - cover story
101017 Orisuta official blog - cover story (+ Maru entry)
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