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OhYoko drabble (?)

Title: You
Pairing: OhYoko
Rating: PG-13 (or fluff..lol)
Disclaimer: Pure fiction. Don't own anything but the ideas.
Author’s Notes: First time posting. Written to help clear my mind. I hope it's enjoyed :)


Your breathing is steady and deep. Your eyelids twitch every so often, evidence of whatever your mind has conjured for you to dream. What do you dream? Do you dream of me? I dream of you, awake or asleep. Now here you are, with me. Sleep evades me as I look at you. Your eyes, so beautiful when looking at me, just as beautiful closed, with eyelashes lightly resting on the top of your cheeks. The freckles that angels saw fit to sprinkle across your face like chocolate chips and the special one on the corner of your mouth. It rests on your lip like a marker for exactly where to kiss. I want to kiss you now but I won’t for fear of waking you. I scrunch my hands into fists so I won’t be tempted to touch you. A futile exercise as temptation is my best friend since you walked in to my life. Your mouth so full, soft and gently parted to allow breath to leave your body. I feel sorry for that breath. It has to leave. I don’t. I marvel at the insanity of this thought but I don’t care. As much as the intensity scares me sometimes, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This feeling, unlike any other I’ve ever experienced, is one I intend to hold onto with every ounce of my being.

Your chest rises and falls encasing the heart that beats inside, just for me. The heart that I want to protect, keep forever and that shines through your eyes every time you look at me. Gazing down I see more freckles marking you as though there is too much beauty for just one. Your stomach is visible as the bed sheet is draped low on your hips and I have to resist the urge to rest my cheek on it. The gentle curve of your waist and hips beg me to caress you.

Suddenly you shiver as though I’ve touched you with my thoughts. I reach out a hand and stroke your back as you turn over to face me mumbling “I’m cold Yokocho.” I smile and pull the blanket up over you and move closer engulfing you in an embrace. You nuzzle into my neck and my heart flutters, the way it does every single time we touch. Still. I stroke your face and kiss the top of your head. “My hero” you say with a deep sigh. “My love” I answer as I finally let sleep claim me.


Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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