Chocolate & EITO addict (tika_veilan) wrote in kanjani8,
Chocolate & EITO addict

Mac's Dairy

I've figured out how formaggie4 got the future diary entries out of the Club8's website.

Change XX to the number of an entry you wanna see.

Entry 01 - 01.png
Entry 02 - 02-1.png, 02-2.png, 02-3.png
Entry 03 - 03.png
Entry 04 - 04.png
Entry 05 - 05-1.png, 05-2.png
Entry 06 - 06-1.png, 06-2.png
Entry 07 - 07-1.png
Entry 08 - 08.png
Entry 09 - 09.png
Entry 10 - 10-1.png, 10-2.png
Entry 11 - 11.png
Entry 12 - 12.png
Entry 13 - 13.png
Entry 14 - 13.png
Entry 15 - 15-1.png, 15-2.png, 15-3.png 
Entry 16 - 16.png
Entry 17 - 17.png
Entry 18 - 18.png
Entry 19 - 19.png

Download all .png files at once: MF
Read translated entries: Here at jillia_and_luca's LJ.   

Tags: club8, translation: other

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