hachi_n_theband (hachi_n_theband) wrote in kanjani8,

Aoshashin Piano Sheet Music and some more

Exam is over, and I just have too many free time to spent XD
As requested, Aoshashin piano sheet music, based on this video. It's not easy to make a sheet music, and I'm sure you know that
so please give leave some comment if you're taking it.

( This is a fan work. You can freely distribute it, but do not sell it )

We received quite a number request for our work in audio format. so we rip some of work that can still bearable to be heard XD
Brilliant blue piano ver, TORN piano ver, Rolling Coaster acoustic ver, Jyounetsu Party acoustic ver and Sorezore kimi to acoustic version are to name a few. Please enjoy, and if you would like to have audio of another work, do not hesitate to contact us :)

( The piano version and the acoustic version )

Tags: fanwork: other

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