kynseidk (kynseidk) wrote in kanjani8,

[Request] Guitar Chords or Tabs

 Hey, eighters!

We all know that Eito is not only about the enka/pop songs, but also the band songs and performances. The members have also shown in more than one way that they are capable of playing musical instruments (Hina even plays the guitar~)! I'm asking if we could make a masterpost (or something akin to it) of guitar chords/tabs or pianosheets of their songs, so that when old AND new members navigate the site, these can be found easily.

Also, contributors are very much welcome! I especially want to try decoding the music for the 8Uppers tracks!

I do hope you guys will approve/help so that we can enjoy Eito's music as well :D

Please tag accordingly if I did it wrong, mods :D
Tags: requests

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