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Janiben HQ streaming

Janiben has been very hard to find lately, but since this time ( rare happening ) I found a few videos on tudou I decided to share them too...I've seen a few download links posted, but I was thinking that maybe someone might prefer the streaming video and it's also HQ...
pandora.tv doesn't work for me, and sadly I can't assure you there are going to be other videos on tudou, but please comment and tell me if you're interested, so I'll try to share more when I find them. or tell me you don't need them, then I'll stop looking...
I'm not sure about the dates, please correct me if I got them wrong, I couldn't find a list....

i divided them in a few posts though, otherwise it might become a bit heavy...just  follow the links :-D

2010.09.14 Hashina Sei (wiki tells me 2010.09.08 though)
2010.09.29 Kirin

2010.10.12 Hibiki ( wiki tells me 2010.10.06)
2010.11.02 Mori Rio (Miss Universe) (wiki tells me 2010.10.27)

2010.09.22 Hamada Mari
2010.11.09 Mitsu Mangrove (wiki says 2010.11.03)

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