jillia_and_luca (jillia_and_luca) wrote in kanjani8,

Eito's New Year SP program

Regarding that entry about Eito's New Year SP program on the 3rd of January, it seems that some changes has been made.

The content of the show is unchanged, but
- the provisional title "Kanjani∞ no nihonichi idol ni kibishii TV" (Strict TV for Japan's number one idols Kanjani∞ ) has been replaced by "Pandora∞" (still labeled "provisional")
- sadly, the 9pm golden slot they were alloted has been replaced by a different time slot: the new broadcasting time is 23:40~00:10

... there should be a law saying that once the time slot has been printed in a mag, you can't change it XD
Tags: tv show: other

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