. iN My WorLD . (yamaperfection) wrote in kanjani8,
. iN My WorLD .

[DOWNLOAD] Zoom In 2006.11.24 Kanjani8 new PV

Not sure if the DL link was posted yet. It's similar to the one 
ran_ran had posted a link to the clip online.

So here is the download link for Zoom In 2006.11.24 Kanjani8 PV

Download:: Megaupload Link

I am sooo obsessed with this song~
Probably on my top fave K8 songs right now. ^o^;
I'm glad I'm finally noticing these guys more. They never fail to make me laugh. ♥

EDIT:: The other Zoom In 2004.11.24 clip if anyone also wants it~

Download:: Megaupload Link
Tags: tv: news shows

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