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[ONE-SHOT] Snow white winter love

Pairing: Yasuda Shota / Shibutani Subaru (Subassan)
Rating: PG-15 with some sort of NC – 17
Words: 2, 013
Warning: Contains a bit of mature content. Read at your own risk.
A/N: Pardon my grammatical errors since English is not my primary language. Second, I was inspired by the songs from Eito’s Gift singles, “Snow White” and “Fuyu Koi” (lit. means “Winter Love”) that’s why it was obviously because of those songs. Then these two are pure love that’s why I was inspired to write such fiction for the Christmas season. Who doesn’t love Subassan anyway? *grins* Also, it’s my first time writing a fiction with “such rating” so sorry for not being that…expert. *winks* Enjoy reading, ne? I know you would *winks again*

Merry Christmas! ;)

*Fake cut: "Up until has been only you, Shibuyan..."
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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