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Too early NEW YEAR

Yyyeaaayyy Happy new year all! Here I bring you 2 new year card and one colorful wallpaper of eito!  Feel free to use it, ne~ >w<!!!!

How to make your new year card;
  1.  Print it in A4 size in hvs or your drawing book pape
  2.  Fold it in half, so it'll look like a card, glue it
  3.  Send them to your friend!
Ahahahaha, english isn't my native languange so I can't describe it perfectly so, if you still confused, feel free to ask!

Happy new year, minna! I've some trouble at home so I can't OL for a while, hiks :,((((

Ja, here we go~~~>

p.s. Ne, ne, everyone... Please write more fanfic... We lack of eito fic these day... :,DDDDD
Tags: fanwork: wallpaper

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