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Old Fancam of Eito's Ranger Skit Where Maru Touches Ryo

I've been looking for that fancam. I searched all posts in the fancam tag.

Actually, some posts don't have open membership though I tried to join long ago.

here is some helpful hint:

Jugding from Ryo's face and hair cut, I guess he was still young... so maybe that facam was in 2006 or 2007. I'm sure it is one from of the blocked entries of satellite16's livejournal which I don't have access to though i asked her for that clip. Maybe she is still busy and did not yet read my comment.

Based on the color of the stage, I think that fancam is from Zenkoku 1st Tour 2006's concert which satellite16 owns it.

kindly, can someone please get me that clip.. I don't need the whole comcert.. just the ranger performance where Maru & Ryo's moment is.

Thank you in advance.
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