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Update: The stars above us Chapter 2 & MaruRyo Chapter 4-5

Wah...holidays are always busy, so I'm a bit late with my update >< Sorry!

Title: The stars above us: STORY 1: Growing wings, CHAPTER 2: The desperation within us
Pairing: Main-Pairing will be Ryo/Uchi, but there is also Subaru/Yassu and maybe another one...who knows^^
Group: Kanjani8. The story also involves the whole group, plus also other Johnnys. Here: Yamapi, Tackey, Jin
Rating:  PG (for now)
Genre: friendship, romance, drama
Summary: Tackey makes Ryo realise things he never understood before. In the meantime both Ryo and Yoko fear for Subaru's life. Can Yoko's words save him? And what's the truth about the rumours around Yasu?
Notes: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes.^^
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^

Chapter 2:
One day you'll also meet someone who is precious to you... then you'll understand")

And here is the update of my MaruRyo fic, the last two chapters:
Rating: NC-17
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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