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Survey for Johnny’s concerts in Europe

Tomonari.eu is doing a survey on the fandom’s opinion on possible concerts in Europe.
Please click here to take the survey. There are 15 quick and easy questions that ask you information ranging from which group you would most like to see and where, to more specific wishes you might have about concert goods, handshaking events etcetera.

It would be really helpful if as many as possible took the survey. If we can show Johnny’s that we are many, we are united and we know what we want, they will be more likely to consider events in Europe in the future. From whatever statistics you look at, it’s evident that there are vast amounts of fans in Europe – Yamapi’s facebook fan page with over 10.000 fans located in France is just an example of that. Considering that amount, a Yamapi tour in Europe is not unthinkable. And J&A could arrange such a tour, or anything else, because they can do anything they want.

The survey is not only meant for people who live in Europe – you are also encouraged to take it if you live somewhere else, but Europe would be more convenient for you than Japan for attending concerts. You can choose to take the survey in Finnish, Swedish, English, Italian, French, Spanish, German or Russian.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the survey, please go ahead and comment below. Comments/suggestions/wishes regarding Johnny's events and concerts in Europe can be written at the end of the survey.

Thank you!

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