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Concert Report 8Uppers Countdown Concert December 31, 2010

Hi fellow Kanjani8 fans!

A while back, I made a couple of videos on my YouTube channel about my experience at the Kanjani8 8Uppers countdown concert on December 31st. I know a lot of information about that particular concert is on this community already and many of you have seen the countdown already, but I though I would share my experience with my fellow eighters anyway!

There are 3 videos I made about the concert: Initial reaction after the concert, concert report, and around Kyocera Dome before the concert.

The link to my journal entry on my journal is here@nihonchique 

I also do a Kanjani8 vlog on my YouTube channel if you are interested, please visit my channel here: My YouTube channel

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy! <3
Tags: fanwork: video, reports

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