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[fanfic] Painful Days and stormy Nights Chapter 1-2

NOTE: cross-posted (sorry ><)

Title: Painful days and stormy nights: Chapter 2: Introducing Sho-kun
Pairing: Will be several pairings, including Arashi, Ryo, Pi, Jin and Kame and also some of the older guys. KimuShingo already goes into a certain direction.
Rating:  here: PG (and above)
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary (general): Ryo is forced by his brothers to attend a normal school instead of getting home-schooled like before. The first thing he wonders about is their strange and unconventional teacher Nagase. But then he immediately becomes friends with one of his class-mates: Yamapi. And there is also Tegoshi...the nerve-wracking little brat. Or Maru who never talks and Ueda who is rather mysterious.
Takki, Ryo's "full-blood" brother, owns a Nr.1 Host-Club with a lot of different characters, while his oldest half-brother Takuya is teaching a class at university. One of his students, Shingo, immediately falls for him. Nino, the 2nd oldest brother, is a wannabe author, while Subaru, the third brother, writes advice columns for several magazines.
While they all struggle with their own work, they also struggle with each other... Things at Ryo's house are going into a bad direction. Yamapi on the other hand has a secret he doesn't want others to know. And Maru fights against serious troubles... alone.

Chapter 2   *NEW*

Chapter 1
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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