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Seekers of the Night Chapter 2

Character Sheet and Information/Explanation first! --> HERE
I have updated some information about the different species and population!

Title: Seekers of the Night Chapter 2: Black Eagle and the question about Humanity
Pairing: will be several. Here: hints of Sho/Jun and Jun/Ryo
Rating:  More mature... Here: PG-13 (will be different in each chapter...)
Genre: mystery, (should become) thriller, romance, bit angst, fantasy, friendship
Warning: Will contain smut. But I'll avoid too much violence
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but the story is mine^^
Summary: The computer geniuses (called CGs) are starting their work as the Seekers leave for their outdoor job. Led by Yoko some amazing talents (including Kame, Nino, Shingo, Subaru and Nagase) start to hack into the military's system and search for answers. Meanwhile the Guardians gather in their lounge to follow their soulmates. Uchi saves Koichi, his Seeker, last minute. Coincidentally, with the help Ryo's and Jun's powers, the Seekers find what they were looking for, preparing for a fight. 
While the Guardians explain to Keito, the youngest amidst them, several things, they are surprised by Sho's relationship to his Seeker Jun and his sincere feelings. 
As Goro gets upset over the others' non stop sex-talk, he has to accept that it's the only way for them to survive here... because the Guardians are not allowed to leave the underground.
What's the role of the Paranormlas in this world? Who are the Seekers? Where are they from? Why were so many of them killed? And how?
Note: This chapter has some explanatory parts, but not all your questions might be answered here. Please be a bit patient, I'll reveal anything step by step.

Chapter 2 *NEW*

Chapter 1
(Character sheet/Introduction)

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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