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Lotsa Eito Plushies (and an extra Asou-kun)

 I know I've posted this before but these adorable Eito Plushy platoon, when put together just looks too cute!

Eito: All line up for 'ya!

About face, Eito!

Here's Yellow on my phone:

*And because I just love Asou Haruto, I coaxed my seamstress friend to make a Haruto mini plushy too. (And yes, Aya-chan is with him too!) <3

Because I don't want to leave the other one alone, I've dangled them both on my phone. Together. <3

There are too much of them for me and I'm willing to share. :D However, some were already taken!

Pink (1)- Available
Yellow (4)- 2 Taken (Including the big one), 2 Available 
Green (4)- 2 taken, 2 available (Including the big one)
Blue (2)- Both available (The small one and the big one)
Red (2)- 1 Taken (The big one), 1 Available (The small one)
Black (3) - 2 Taken, 1 Available
Purple (1)- Taken
Orange(1)- Available)
If some of you have taken interest with Asou-kun and Aya-chan, they are made to order. :D And to those interested to the available EITOS, PM me or email me at jabubots@gmail.com.
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