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Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Central's disaster

Hi Minna, as all you know, last two days have been horrible for Japan. Thankfully, the Earthquake didn't hit with the same damages Phillipines and Taiwan, but sadly, it's caused a big disaster to Miyagi's prefacture and today's Nuclear Central's explosion was something as bad as the Tsunami. Also another Earthquake hit Niigata today (or at least I read it in Internet, since I'm already too alarmed and confused).

The thing is, everybody's doing something to fundraise money, here and there, so I thought about coming here and ask if Eiter's from all the world were doing something. Since I've never managed a fundraise, and I found out that one of Arashi's community is already doing one, I'm posting the link here in case someone is interested.

I happen to have met a fellow Eiter from Sendai, who I haven't been able to contact. We haven't known for too long, and we only shared once in a while nice e-mails about our love for the boys, and stuff like supporting them or random things. And she might just have another different e-mail now, so I really wish she's fine, and she's not answering because the cell-phones aren't working, or she just happened to forget about me... whatever reason is fine. Anyway, she lived in the city and the Tsunami attacked most part of the seaside. Thinking about her makes me remind me how lucky I am to know Eiters from all the world whom I can share my fandomness.

But is not only for her that I'm posting the fundraise link, it's also because when things like this happen, I feel terrible and I always try to help. So I did with Haiti last time, one way or another is fine, if you can contribute with anything you can offer.

I'm sure we've all been worried, some even might have friends or family there, so I hope you won't bother for sharing this link:


*Please I really don't know how to tag this, so mods, excuse me for not posting it the right way*

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