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subaru calendar-wallpaper for april~

Hey fellow eighters <3

i know everyone is concerned about japan's situation and i also hope the best for the land and i wish them all the best >_< i'm really shocked and i don't know how to say this better, so sorry >_>;

still, i wanted to share a wallpaper i made of subaru :D
i made some calendar-wallpapers for me and my sister before, but they're mostly insiders and even cheaper made than this one XD as you can see, i'm no pro using photoshop, but everyone who can live with this, feel free to take it ;)

ah, the resolution is 1366x768 - if anyone wants another size, please tell me! though i won't be able to make it before next weekend ^^

the picture has been scanned by king_kun, thank you for sharing <3


have fun with it ;D
and think of japan...
Tags: fanwork: wallpaper

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