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Fandom Unido [For Japan]

For Spanish speakers, you have more information: Here and Here

if you want to help Japan, you can do it through donations, and we really appreciate that. That's why we are giving away some johnny's stuffs for you! Those are NEWS' LIVE Album Limited Edition, KAT-TUN No More Pain DVD Limited Edition, Arashi Dear Snow Limited Edition.

How does this work?
you can make a donation in different websites as The Red Cross, Global Giving, etc.

How can i enter the drawing?
just show us the confirmation of your donation! send us an email to (filling the form) and you will automatically be participating.

Almost all these websites accept money donations. If any other organization in your country allows you to give cloths, food or anything as donations, that's ok! just ask for a confirmation of you donations and you can participate!

I already donated to Japan, Can i join the drawing?
Of course! just send us an email with the confirmation of you donation!

When will the drawing take place?
We want many people to participate of this, that why the drawing will be placed on April 15th.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment bellow or email us to


Drawing: (Choose what drawing would you like to participate for) The NEWS Album/ KAT-TUN's DVD/ Arashi's Single
Facebook: Fandom-Unido

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