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Tohoku Earthquake Master Post

Hello everyone! I apologize for adding another extra post to your friends list but I decided to make a master post of all of the Tohoku Earthquake-related posts on this community so you can all access them here. If you have anything to add to the post please add it in comments!

We wish you the best during this difficult time. Let's all hope for Japan's recovery!


Johnny's fandom related fundraising project coordinated by arashi_on
Kanjani8 fandom collaborating with arashi_on's project
Fandom Unido (English and Spanish)
Eito Bracelets for Disaster Relief
LIFE Singles for Donation
Make your own donation (via Google Crisis Response)
help_japan Thanks gyelle9!
Other ways to help Thanks shiro_renja!
How to donate if you live in the Philippines Thanks sekaiichi!

Confirmation of all Johnny's talents' safety:

In English

Kanjani8's message to fans:

In English
In Spanish, Japanese, and English


Maru and Yoko 2011.3.16

Fan Videos:

Show Your Heart to Japan!
Encouraging Songs
From Eighters to Eighters
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