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Which young actors & actresses are best fit for the roles of parents?

saw this on Tokyohive
i forgot to post this here xD

This upcoming season the public is going to see two young actors portraying the role of a parent for the first time in their careers. Nishikido Ryo (26) is going to be a father in “Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto” and Anne (24) is going to play a mother in “Namae wo Nakushita Megami“.

In a recent poll on the mobile portal goo/NTT DoCoMo they recently asked their users about which young actors and actresses, including those two, would best fit the role of a parent. A fresh and pure image doesn’t necessarily help when playing the role of a parent, so the people in question should also have somewhat of a warm, level-headed and reliable aura.

Can you think of an actor and an actress that would look good as a father or mother? Check out the top 10 below!

Which young actors are best fit for the role of a father?

01 – 9,497 votes – Mukai Osamu
02 – 7,506 votes – Eita
03 – 6,536 votes – Sakurai Sho
04 – 6,152 votes – Tsumabuki Satoshi
05 – 2,951 votes – Matsuyama Kenichi
06 – 2,648 votes – Ninomiya Kazunari
07 – 2,550 votes – Koide Keisuke
08 – 1,348 votes – Okada Junichi
09 – 1,251 votes – Nishikido Ryo
10 – 1,250 votes – Tanaka Kei

credits: Tokyohive
ps: to see the actresses go here
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