icy_swirls (icy_swirls) wrote in kanjani8,

~Self Introduction and Upload~

Heyhey everyone!!!
I've been surfing this community for about a week now and today I finally sat down and started writing in my own LJ.....So I just came to say hi!!!!
So...hi!!! :P, I'm Lucy, nice to meet everyone here! (I can't believe I've been missing out on this K8 heaven till now ! :P)

just like everyone, I've been looking for the Jitensha Shounenki SP but to no avail (actually I did find it on a forum but I don't have an ID and the registration was locked ><)
However I did manage to find the 24 min Promotion thing they had with Maru and Yasu....and my oh my it was defenitely worth me getting so frustrated with dling that I wanted to smash my laptop monitor...><
so anyways I split it up into 3 parts so you'll have to join them with HJ split. (it's about 350 MB)

Sendspace links in my LJ

Tags: clips: others, tv: drama

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