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“Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu” regular cast includes Yasuda Shota, Tanaka Koki, AKB48

“Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu” regular cast includes Yasuda Shota, Tanaka Koki, AKB48 



In February, it was announced that comedy duo Downtown will be hosting their variety show “Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu” on a weekly basis starting this this spring. It has now been revealed that the show’s regular cast includes Kanjani8’s Yasuda Shota, KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki, and several members of AKB48.

Downtown previously hosted the show as a special program three times in 2009 and 2010. Due to its popularity, Fuji TV decided to give it a regular Sunday 8:00pm time slot, starting on April 24. As always, the show will feature Hamada Masatoshi as a police chief and Matsumoto Hitoshi as a commissioner, who lead a team of detectives in investigating absurd cases.

While the show will still have various guests on the show, Downtown has also added two new groups that will make regular appearances. The “Johnny’s Detectives” will consist of Yasuda and Tanaka, and one of them will appear every other week. On the other hand, the “AKB Detectives” will consist of three members, rotating each week.

The first episode of “Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu” will be a 2-hour special. Imada Koji, Itao Itsuji, and Higashino Koji will guest star as detectives, and the show’s judges will include Go Hiromi and Daichi Mao. Yasuda will represent the “Johnny’s Detectives,” while Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko, and Kojima Haruna will represent the “AKB Detectives.”

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