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Promoting JE on Brazil, we need help!

Fans from Brazil are trying promotion JE groups on TopMundi (Brazilian MTV's International TOP10).

We are trying to put 'Yellow Pansy Street' (Kanjani) on the next week top
and see Ryo-chan on TV
You just need to click in 'LIKE' on this post http://www.facebook.com/topmundimtv/posts/111678938915747
Please if any of you could help us, we'll be glad!!

And also...
Namie Amuro's Unusual (with YamaPi) appeared 3 times on the top already
And they have a post asking about Yamapi ...
if you click in the 'LIKE' from this post, it would help us a lot!!

Sorry about this,
but is really rare for us to have JPOP on our TV.

Thank you all anyway!
(I didn't know how to tag this...correct me if it's wrong)
Tags: k8 fans, pv, requests

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