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Suka J 21/11 [the japanese safety man part]

I cut out the Japanese Safety Man part from SukaJ 21/11 & uploaded it on SS, so if u guys want it, u can grab it at my lj. I believe cattness alredi uploaded the whole epi but I just cut out that part cos SRSLY Japanese Safety Man > Osaka Sexy Man. Watch Ryo being reduced to a shrivelling bundle who keeps screaming "Kowaii~~~!!!". I wanna kill that creepy looking Japanese Safety Man because he's a damn lecher who touched Ryo's thigh. XP

The Japanese Safety Man who looks like a really ugly blown-up sex doll. Hey dun underestimate his charm cos Yoko likes him.

And this is the Osaka Sexy wimp Man who is still sexy even when he's totally freaked out. XDD

follow the cut if u're like me and takes a perverse joy in seeing Ryo being scared.
Tags: tv: suka*j

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