kaerimichii (kaerimichii) wrote in kanjani8,

[Romaji/Kanji/Translation] T.W.L + Yellow Pansy Street Lyrics (Color-coded)

Heh, wow, I haven't posted here in months! Not since I subbed all the Prologue of Patch PVs... haha. Anyway, not sure if these lyrics have been shared by anyone else yet, but I don't think so since I had a really tough time finding the kanji lyrics XP But I got 'em! And of course used 'em to translate to English :D

Of course I'll also be karaoke subbing them when I get a chance, but it's very late here where I am and I'm quite ill so I'll just post the lyrics for now and get the videos done after a good night's sleep :D

Color-coded lyrics here :D take only with credit please!

I need to sleep now...
Tags: lyrics, translation: lyrics

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