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June 2011☆Potato - Yoko's Interview Translation

Q: Some big accident that happened to you recently?
A: Hina smiling back at me.

When we were having a party, a member of the stuff, who was sitting a bit far from me, did something funny so I smiled at him. And somehow Hina, who was sitting between me and that person, must have thought my smile was addressed to him because he gave me that really bright smile in return (laughs). That really was an accident~

Q: Comparing the time when you debuted and now, what has changed the most?
A: My smile.

The answer is smiling for magazine shoots. Back then I found smiling difficult, but as I have gathered experience little by little I became quite skillful at it. And now I can make such cute smiles. ♪ As you steadily get more and more charming, you can’t help but find yourself cute~ (serious face) Please look forward to my future shoots too, yup.

Q: What complexes do you have?
A: Being so fair-skinned.

My white skin might be a charming point, but for me it’s also a bit of a complex.

Q: Recent daily routine?
A: Updating the official website (=j-web).

I was given the opportunity to keep a diary at Johnny’s Web, so writing the entries is my daily routine. Updating everyday might be hard, but I love being able to share my real feelings.

Q: If you had kids how would you name them?
A: Toranosuke.

If I had a son, I would definitely name him “Toranosuke” and would address him as “Tora”. This is something I have decided long time ago. And if the second kid was a boy too, “Ryunosuke”. “Tiger (tora)” and “Dragon (ryu)” sound good together, right? If I had a daughter? … Sorry, I haven’t thought about it….
[*snorts* Toranosuke and Ryunosuke? Yokocho, why so adorkable? And I guess if he had a daughter he would be totally at loss at how to raise her.]

Q: Something that made you cry/made you sad recently?
A: Being ignored by my younger brother (tear).

I always ask my younger brother to have a meal with me but the other day when I asked him, “Let’s go eat something”, he turned me down, “There is something I have to do today so I can’t go with you”… Unbelievable, he ignored me! The older brother was really sad…

Q: Something you have been addicted to recently?
A: Monhan!

Of course, the answer is “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd”! I go hunting whenever I have free time.

Q: A famous person that you like?
A: Matsushita Konosuke!

I was moved when I read his book!

Q: Your weakness?
A: Injections.

I’ve always really hated injections. We’re supposed to get a flu shot once a year, but since those are really scary and unpleasant I end up thinking “Isn’t there a way to escape this?” every year.

Q: Your ideal date?
A: I will leave it to my date.

Basically, anything is fine. If there’s a place she wants to go, we would go there. So I like girls who can clearly say, “Today I wanna go here”. Otherwise, going for a random drive sounds good too.

Q: What are the good points in dating you?
A: Dating me is fun.

I might not be the “devoted” or the “affectionate” type, but I think that being together with me is a lot of fun. ♪

Q: A fateful encounter?
A: I don’t know!

I can’t tell until I actually had one. But I guess, since there are plenty of people I met completely by accident, somehow it would be nice to meet someone who you feel have been brought to you by fate. But I don’t have anything like that (laughs).
[I’m not sure whether I understood and translated the last sentence correctly…]

Q: What made you angry recently?
A: Nothing.

I’m spending my days peacefully.

Q: What is romantic love to you?
A: Motivation.

The thing that makes your heart beat in excitement.

Q: “Only this thing is impossible!” to you is…?
A: Cucumbers!

Since I was a kid I couldn’t eat cucumbers. No matter how you try to cook them, it is impossible for me to eat them!
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