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My Home sales report...

Sales for 2 days:

x -> 1 -> 1   Kanjani8 - 77,953 + 31,906 = 109,859
x -> 2 -> 2   French Kiss - 56,334 + 20,795 = 77,129

aiko falls to 4th while BUMP OF CHICKEN goes up to 3rd place.

Note: Numbers in copies, all versions included.

This makes it harder for My Home to hit 200k first week, unfortunately...:(

Btw, T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street goes up to 16th today from 18th yesterday in its 4th week. It sold 10,338 copies in the 3rd week, totalling to 238,092 copies so far. The good news is, it's Kanjani8's highest 3rd week sales to date! XD

Hoping for all the best for My Home. Ganbatte, Eito and Eighters! :)
Tags: worth buying: single/album

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