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June 2011☆Wink Up - Okura's Interview Translation

Warning: This was quite difficult to translate so there might be mistakes.


Q: What do you always bring with you on an overseas location shoot or just an overseas trip?
My wallet, mobile phone, house keys, books, laptop, DVDs... that's about it, I guess. Books are for killing time. Even if I had free time during a trip, I'd not go out by myself. It's dangerous, you know.  If I were to walk by myself abroad, I might get lost. Dangerous, so dangerous.

Q: Tell us a story about how you take care of your health.
When I want to take care of my health, I do things like eating yogurt or increasing the number of vegetables I eat. But basically I don't think about that stuff. My doctor too says, "It's still too early to be worried about anything." So I'm just living as I like.

Q: "Tokuten (bonus)" or "Tada (free of charge)". Which one would you be attracted by? 
Neither. I don't have interest in things like "bonuses" or "gift items". And I hate "free" things, I can't trust them. Moreover, nothing is ever really free. If I go for a meal and receive a "free beer" coupon, I throw it out immediately. It's revolting to care about such small things. I don't want to drink with a man who says, "I have some beer coupons today ♪ " (laughs)

Q: Since it's our first meeting, tell me when do you show your true self to the other party? 
Usually it happens immediately. My doors are always open. Even to the people I have just met. Though I won't start the conversation myself, if asked I would honestly answer any question. Except for the "how much do you make?" one, of course. (laughs)   

Q: Other people's actions that bother you?
When people are irritated and it shows in their behavior. Though I too get irritated if someone makes me wait. I absolutely hate having to wait at a store. If I am at a clothing shop and when I say to the shop assistant, "I will take this, please", they go, "Please wait a moment", because they're assisting another customer, I give up and leave. I don't like waiting in line either. Between a brand-new product that you have to wait a month for and a product that has some weak points but is already available, I would go for the second one. I am a guy who does not wait.

Q: "Moe points"? 
A girl who is skillful at keeping her distance would be nice, I think. A girl who can maintain balance without getting too clingy or too distant would be nice. Well, there is not anyone like that for now. (laughs) Something simpler? The other day I went snowboarding for the first time and I realized the cuteness of girls on the ski slope! Wearing the snowboarding outerwear and screaming "Kya! Kya!". Falling down when getting off the ski lift. I think I was quite cute too when I kept falling again and again. But I am never going snowboarding again! My ribs hurt a lot. It was really something, the ways in which I I fell. I think among all the people at the slope my falls were the most advanced. I would go "bam! rolling! rolling! rolling!". I fell down so hard it's amazing I didn't get hurt.
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