sonia_san (sonia_san) wrote in kanjani8,

“I forgot my wallet again!”

Title: Alzhey Alzy Alzhie (1/2)

Pair: Kanjani∞/Yoko (especially Hina/Yoko)

Rate: PG-15


Summary: Yoko’s well-known with his forgetful behavior, his great plan and ideas; even sometimes it’s revealed that he sucks at writing. It’s normal, too normal to be true, but who knows it’s actually some symptoms lead to his ultimate fate...

p.s. It’s contain a lot of information about Alzheimer desease and brain attack. So, if you find some words those hard to understand, forgive me! I didn’t change any of the name of particular things, so, just find it in wiki?^^ Ah! Also! Italic words shows earlier timeline~

p.s.2. I forgot to add the fic link! \O.O/ Thanks pfirsichtrinker for pointing it out ;____; xDb

"Where's my wallet again?"

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