nemesys_hime (nemesys_hime) wrote in kanjani8,

The post of J-pop Ai! Fans everywhere, unite!

Yo~ everyone!!! This is a post for every j-pop fan out there in Romania and not only: On the 12th of July, there will take place a biiiig Jpop meeting in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, to which all J-pop fan clubs and fans are invited! We want everyone to be there, we want to bring to this meeting all the J-pop Ai we can get! We want to show the world how awesome J-pop is and how much it means to us! There will be all the awesomeness of J-pop, we'll have Powepoint presentations about each club, PVs and concert projections, games and many other activities! We'll also record messages/take photos for Japan, letting them know that we're supporting them! So make sure you don't miss this if you're close by and you have the chance to join us, or in the name of J-pop, we will punish you~!!!

More details about this awesome event here~
Mods, I really don't know how to Tag this, so I apologize!

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