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two yoko/hina fics & a jacky/mac fic :))

title: And a Hole In Your Door
pairing: Yoko/Hina, past Yoko/Maru and Hina/Maru
words: 11073
rating: NC-17
warnings: Some violence.
summary: Hina knew he was in for trouble the minute Yokoyama Yuu walked through his door. A film noir-style AU.
notes: Written for ltgmars for je_otherworlds. More thanks than can ever possibly be expressed to Katie, without whom none of my fics would exist ♥ and all the people who let me whine at them about this monster! (original post)

( And a Hole In Your Door )

title: Getting On With It
pairing: Yoko/Hina
words: 733
rating: NC-17
summary: Yoko prepping himself. Hina watching. Pretty self-explanatory XD
notes: Written for the prompt "Hina has Yoko prep himself while he watches." at misetekink.

( Yoko's naked, his clothes in a pile on Hina's bedroom floor, but Hina's still got pants on. )

title: Minor Delays
pairing: 8UPPERS, Jacky/Mac
words: 1097
rating: NC-17
summary: Gratuitous excuse for crossdressing is gratuitous.
notes:This just totally came out of nowhere. I'm going to blame pinkpapyrus for it, which I'm sure she's just fine with XD

( "Couldn't someone else have done this?" Mac says. )
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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