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Eighter roommate in Osaka

Hi! ^^
I've a strange idea/request and I hope it's ok to post it here...

I'm a 20-year-old italian girl and I'm going to live in Osaka from the end of August to April 2012. I need a cheap place to stay and I'm wondering if someone on this community lives in Osaka area or will go to Osaka in this period, so we can stay together and share the rent.

About me...
I'm an Arashi and Kanjani8 fan since 2006. My favorite one in Arashi is Nino and in K8 is Subaru, but I love them all and recently I have a fixation on Yoko and Hina XD I love writing fanfictions and my favorite pairings are Sakumoto, Matsumiya, Subassan and Yokohina.
I can't really talk about me... I'm quite shy at first, but I like meeting people from all over the world and sharing common interest together. I can speak English and Japanese (I'll study it starting from the 3rd level in an Osaka Japanese language school), so I can also help you with Japanese OR Kansai-ben if you're not good at them XD
Oh, about me, I can say I'm the Yokoyama type .__. People say that we're similar not only for the fair skin but also because we're both shy&talkative (depending on the situations), pessimistic, stupid and a bit sadist XD
And also... my sister has a very lucky You&J fanclub submission (last year at 30th December Kanjani8's concert in Kyocera we were in arena) and I'm going to apply for the Arashi fanclub... so we can surely go together to concerts/plays/anything else ^^
If you want to know me better: my Facebook (mostly in Italian, sorry)
my LJ.

What I'm looking for:
I need a cheap place to stay from at least the 27th of August to the end of September. I'm going to a school that is in Namba so I prefer a place near it... or well served by train lines. Apartment in Osaka aren't very expensive, so if you want to come with me we can search a place for less than 35.000 yen/month. I'm searching for places for less than 35.000 yen/month, anyway.
I can cook XD I like cooking, seriously... and I'm Italian, so maybe this could help if you like pasta XD I've no problems with sleeping on the floor in a futon...
I REALLY need internet .___. This is like... the only condition I have XD

For any other information or for contacts (I have both skype and msn messenger) write a comment or send me a PM ^^ If we're not going to live together we can still add each other as friends/meet somewhere in Osaka to “fangirlize” together XD

Tags: !: question, requests

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