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  Title: The Witch
Author: hanmie7227
Length: chaptered
Genre: Betrayal, Romance, Friendship,
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I own the stories.

The story revolved between this two persons. Their fate never been crossed together till one day, it tangled in a very complicated way. Love never came between two of them, even friendship or hatred feelings. But somehow, they had something in common. They wanted to escape. The man, wanted to run away from the hateful feeling, as he was being betrayed in love and friendship. Whereas, the woman wanted to run away from the past which kept following her from behind, leaving her trapped and unable to breath.

Being in the same situation, they decided to get together with purposes. Just to get rid whatever thing that came on their path. But, how long the two of them would run away from the reality which kept tailing from behind? How they were going to face the painful reality in front of their face? And....how they are going to deny of their existence of each other within their hearts?

Horikita Maki
Mukai Osamu
Tomohisa Yamashita
Nagasawa Masami
Toda Erika
Nishikido Ryo

chapter 5: "tadaima....." he whispered the word softly...

p/s: I post it cause contains Ryo chan parts!!!XDDDD
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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